The Complete Guide to Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning in 2023

When it comes to any rental property, especially Airbnb properties, cleanliness is the name of the game. Guests, and Airbnb as a company, prioritize cleaning over all else.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb instituted its mandatory enhanced cleaning process to ensure a clean, healthy environment for all guests.

What Is Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Process?

Airbnb’s new enhanced cleaning process is a policy that all hosts must follow to list their property with Airbnb.

Whether you clean your properties yourself or hire a professional cleaning company, you must follow this five-step plan.

This policy includes a five-step process and requires that you and anybody in your cleaning team adhere to local mask and social distancing guidelines where applicable.

The Steps You Must Take

As an Airbnb host, you must follow this five-step process to adhere to these new enhanced cleaning guidelines from Airbnb. 

Thankfully, this process is far less complex than you may initially suspect; if you’ve already been cleaning your property to a satisfactory extent, you may have accidentally followed this protocol all along.

  1. Prepare
    According to the Airbnb enhanced cleaning process, the first step in keeping your property up to Airbnb’s requirements is to prepare it for future cleaning.This step is simple. Wash your hands and keep the property ventilated before and during cleaning to prevent a potential build-up of harmful pathogens.
  2. Clean
    The second step in this process is the beginning of actually cleaning your property.This step entails cleaning processes such as dusting and vacuuming without beginning to disinfect anything with chemicals.Airbnb also requires that you wash all dishes and laundry on the highest heat setting possible with your devices.
  3. Sanitise
    Airbnb’s third step in their enhanced cleaning process entails disinfecting and sanitising any high-traffic surfaces in your home, such as TV remotes, countertops, and door handles.Airbnb requires that you use approved disinfectants, meaning that home remedies are not allowed.Allow the surface to stand and air-dry for as long as necessary according to the product before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Check
    This step does not require as much effort as the others. Make a checklist of all steps you have taken and review that you did not miss any spots in your property.After ensuring compliance, make sure that anybody on your team- whether it be your spouse, your management company, or your cleaning crew.
  5. Reset
    According to Airbnb, your last step is to set your property back to its starting state.Replace any guest supplies, including linens and amenities, and then do not re-enter a room until it is time to clean again.

What Happens If I Don’t Follow This Process?

Airbnb has implemented severe penalties for hosts who do not follow its enhanced cleaning protocol. 

Anybody who refuses to accept the process will not be allowed to host, and repeated violations of the protocol may result in warnings, suspension, or total account termination.

Thankfully, cleaning your property is not as difficult as it sounds. If you follow Airbnb’s protocols, you can list your property without worry!

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