How to Win Your Airbnb Resolution Centre Disputes in 2023

KeyNinja_How to Win Your Airbnb Resolution Centre Disputes?

Nobody wants issues to come up with their Airbnb guests. Thankfully, the vast majority of interactions with your guests will be pleasant; they will book your property, potentially ask a few questions, and leave without a hitch.

However, issues occasionally arise. While you can usually resolve disputes with no hassle, sometimes you cannot reach an agreement and Airbnb will need to step in.

Winning your disputes in the Airbnb resolution centre can be difficult, but in this article, we will cover how you can come out on top.


What Is The Resolution Centre?

The resolution centre is something of a last resort for Airbnb hosts and guests alike. 

If a dispute comes up, on your end or your guest’s, you may amicably resolve the dispute; however, if you fail to resolve the dispute, either party may request Airbnb’s intervention.

When Airbnb intervenes, the dispute moves to the resolution centre, where Airbnb will follow a process to determine which party is in the right and which is in the wrong.

Let’s take a look at what this process entails.

The Process

The process that Airbnb follows in their distribution centre is simple and formulaic; if you have to deal with multiple resolutions, you may begin to recognize it on your own.

First, Airbnb will gather information and share what they deem necessary with each party. Then, they will take statements from each party, allowing them to give their versions of any events.

This process will allow Airbnb to decide who they deem the victorious party. If you are lucky, you will win the dispute- however, you don’t need to rely on luck. There are several tips you may follow to help ensure your victory.

Our Tips

If you want to ensure victory in your Airbnb resolution centre disputes, the best way to win is to follow some of our great tips. These tips will help minimize your liability and ensure compliance with Airbnb’s standards for properties.

Ensure That Your Property Is Clean
Cleaning your property is vital; while different guests may have individual standards for cleanliness, it is a deciding factor for most guests. If you ensure that your property is as clean as possible, your guests will feel no need to open
any disputes.

Your Listing Must Be Accurate
It costs money to rent an Airbnb- money that your guest may have worked hard to obtain. By paying to rent your Airbnb, they are spending their hard-earned cash and want to get what they paid for.

If your guests arrive and your property does not look identical to your listing- whether it be a new paint job or something far more major- they can open a dispute that they will surely win.

Gather Evidence
Sometimes, a guest may be dishonest. If a guest damages something, they may claim that it was damaged when they got there and request a partial or full refund.

The best way to avoid this is to gather evidence- take pictures of anything you can, both before
your guests arrive and after they leave.

Be aware that your guests will likely do the same- you want to build as much evidence as
possible for your side of the story.

Closing Thoughts

If we could only give one piece of advice for winning disputes, it would be the following: “Don’t give your guests a reason to dispute in the first place.”

If you act as a good host and provide everything guests need, answer their questions with a smile and provide great service, you can avoid most disputes in the first place.

Remember that your guests are your income. You must keep them happy to make money and get more guests!

KeyNinja is able to assist with you Airbnb management by sourcing professional cleaners, checking guests and conducting property inspections with timestamped evidence.

Combining all of this, you’re ensuring your property is a 5-star Airbnb while collecting evidence in case there is
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