Safeguarding your property against COVID-19

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s now never been more important to manage cleaning and disinfection processes vigilantly. Whether you are continuing to host during the pandemic, or just a homeowner after peace of mind – KeyNinja is here to help with our industry-spanning certifications and professional cleaning standards. 

The KeyNinja COVID-19 cleaning protocols follow cleaning and disinfection guidelines provided by the CDC, EPA, and World Health Organization. All of the properties are cleaned thoroughly, and we have disinfected our bathrooms, kitchens, and major touch points like light switches, doorknobs, tabletops, electronics, appliances, and control panels.

COVID-19 Education and training

The team at KeyNinja has been educated about the importance of practicing good hygiene and uptaking essential measures during this period. All our cleaners have undergone a COVID-19 Education and Safety Course, based on CDC recommendations and are all cleaning in accordance with the Australian Department of Health Infection Control – COVID-19.

Cleaning is more important than ever

During this period in time, maintaining property cleanliness is not to be taken lightly, with the aim to stop the spread of dangerous diseases by cleaning and continuing disinfecting with an antiviral sanitisation treatment to lower the risk of infection.

There is currently no conclusive data on how long the coronavirus can survive on types of surfaces. With the KeyNinja app, cleaners can utilise cleaning and disinfection checklists based on current CDC and WHO recommendations. Some of these items includes airing out rooms for at least 20 minutes, always wearing disposable gloves (but be mindful of cross contamination) and avoid touching the face.

Useful tools and services

The KeyNinja tools and services will help homeowners or Airbnb Hosts and Guests to restore peace of mind during these uncertain times. With a 24/7 support team, same day cleaning and affordable prices, we can guarantee a 100% satisfaction and high standards of cleanliness.

We are here to help

KeyNinja will be taking the extra steps to reduce the risk of infection during a guest stay by maintaining a well-stocked property with essential amenities and offering CONTACT-FREE delivery of essentials (toilet paper, SUKIN amenities, etc), linen hire and laundry services are also available.