How To Avoid Refunding Airbnb Cleaning Fees?

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Cleaning is no easy feat. When you clean your Airbnb property, you invest plenty of time and effort into keeping your property up to your standards and the standards of your guests.

Sometimes, it seems this effort may not be enough. Despite all of your effort, a guest may request a refund for their cleaning fees.

In some cases, they may have photographic evidence of a spot that you missed. In this article, we will cover everything that you can do to avoid incurring a refund of your Airbnb cleaning fees. Read on for this vital information!


What Does the Cleaning Fee Cover?

On Airbnb, your cleaning fee is a static, unchanging charge that covers the time and material invested into your cleaning process, as well as the cost of any cleaning service you may hire.

As an Airbnb host, you can decide on a cleaning fee and add it to any future reservations on your property. This method allows you to alter your cleaning fee based on the cleaning needs of your Airbnb property.

Your cleaning fee may cover the following expenses:

New toilet paper

Cleaning product

New amenities

Cleaning service fees

Types of Refunds

In Airbnb, there are two separate types of refund; a full refund and a partial one. These refunds live up to their names, with each dictating how much of the cleaning fee a guest may refund.

If your guest asks for a cleaning fee refund, you may choose to negotiate with them and grant a partial refund rather than a full one.

However, if negotiations break down or you outright refuse to grant the refund, the guest may go through Airbnb’s AirCover program to get their refund directly from the company. If your guest goes through AirCover, the company may grant them a full or partial refund depending on your level of cleanliness and the company’s policy.

Let’s take a closer look at how these types of refunds operate

Full Refund
A full cleaning fee refund allows the guest to receive the amount they paid for their cleaning fee in full.
  • This type of refund typically factors into cancellations; if a guest cancels their stay in advance, they will receive their cleaning fee refund according to your cancellation policy and Airbnb’s as a company.
However, if you refuse to refund the guest’s cleaning fees and they go through AirCover, they may receive a full cleaning fee refund if the company has deemed your cleaning insufficient.
Partial Refund
A partial cleaning fee refund is when a guest may receive some of the cost of your cleaning fee back, but not all of it.
  • A partial refund is often the result of negotiations with the guest or when AirCover determines that you have not met their standards for a clean Airbnb property.

Ensure Hotel-Quality Cleans

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The best way to avoid refunding Airbnb cleaning fees is to ensure that the thought of a refund cannot cross your guest’s mind. By ensuring a hotel-quality clean, you will provide an excellent experience for your guest while also covering your cleaning costs.

If you cannot provide a hotel-quality cleaning by yourself for any reason, consider hiring a professional cleaning service like KeyNinja. You be able to schedule and track cleans while being provided with inspection reports that’ll help you with any potential resolution claims.

Learn how KeyNinja can assist you in avoiding Airbnb cleaning fees.

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