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KeyNinja is pleased to announce the arrival of our fully integrated housekeeping services. 

As Airbnb and short-term property owners know, cleaning and even arranging cleaners to do the job takes time and effort. With our integrated key delivery and housekeeping services, we take the hassle out of your hands and make sure the job is done perfectly each and every time.

Check-ins and housekeeping come hand in hand when it comes to hosting on the Airbnb platform. Particularly when your property has back to back reservations. One guest leaves, the property needs a swift yet thorough clean, and then the next lot of guests arrive.

If your rental property is not in good condition and is not clean enough, you run the risk of losing the cleaning fees you charged the guest. 

You also risk negative reviews and guest complaints. As you’re well aware, bad reviews can really hinder your business, particularly in competitive cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.

Integrated housekeeping services make you more money

Did you know that around 29 per cent of guests choose to book their short-term holiday let on the same day they arrive? Missing out on last-minute bookings is a surefire way to toss valuable income away.

Imagine this: your Ninja handles a guest’s checkout and verifies that the property is left in excellent condition. A Ninja then makes sure the property is clean and ready for the next guest. A last-minute booking comes in. Luckily, your home is ready to go and your Ninja is on standby and ready to pass the keys to the next client.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But it can be a reality with our integrated key delivery and housekeeping services for Airbnbs and short-term holiday rentals.

Here’s another scenario, one that most Airbnb hosts have encountered: the guests check out late, the cleaner can’t wait around because they have other jobs on that same day, and the new guests are due in a few hours…

In this situation, all hosts can do is pay cleaners more for “emergency” housekeeping services. Oh, and try to cope with the stress of liaising with the guests, the key delivery person, and the cleaners. Nightmarish indeed.

With a fully integrated service that includes key delivery, guest verification, and housekeeping. You only need one contact, us here at KeyNinja. We will make sure your home is clean, your guests have their keys, and everybody is happy.

When we say clean, we mean clean 

Our cleaners will not just swipe a cloth around and expect you to believe that everything in your home is spotless. They will thoroughly spring clean your property and take photos after they have finished cleaning.

You will be able to double-check the cleaning process even if you’re in another city or country. Heck, you could be halfway across the world and still know that your home is clean. 

An added benefit to this is that the very small minority of customers who make false claims about the cleanliness of their rental apartment will be stopped in their tracks. 

Need to know exactly when the rental property was cleaned? You got it. Our cleaners use an app with timestamps, it accurately records the times and dates the work is finished. This same app allows our housekeeping Ninjas to log any damages they find in the property, meaning you can log a timely resolution claim.

Want to have your key delivery and housekeeping managed by one team? Get in touch with us here at KeyNinja to find out how our dedicated Ninjas can save you time and help you stress less. The extra cash flow your perfectly cleaned property attracts doesn’t hurt either!

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