5 minutes with… KeyNinja team leader Andres

KeyNinja_Ninja leader

Since starting 2018, we have met some awesome Ninjas along the way. Being with us for a little over a year now, Andres is one of our many Ninjas at the forefront of 24/7 key deliveries and guests check-ins. As a KeyNinja team leader in Melbourne, he’s shared with us some words on how he stays motivated, being the stealthy Ninja that he is.

1) What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I had my previous goals and dreams that used to get me out of bed every morning, however now that I am contributing to something bigger, it fills my heart with joy knowing that I am delivering services that make someone else’s life easier and happier. Those feelings became my drive to continue.

2) How would you describe your job to a child?

I work to make people’s stay in Melbourne better, easier and happier.

3) What does a typical day as a team leader look like?

KeyNinja_Team LeaderThe day starts the night before where all the preparation and planning begins. Where I assign every single check-in/check-out to our team of Ninjas, ensuring that the day goes smoothly. 

In the morning, I monitor all of the jobs and ensure they have been completed properly. It is of utmost important that we have given our guests the best check-in/check-out experience. A few hours later, I sort back-to-back bookings and prepare the keys that will be needed for when another check-in during the day happen. 

Finally, making sure all communications between Ninjas, support team and guest are on the same page. 

4) How do you face your biggest challenges?

Every day comes with different challenges, especially in this industry. As a KeyNinja team leader, I have understood that having confidence in my knowledge and exploiting the experience that I’ve been gathering allows me to have a clear mind and analyse every possible solution. Additionally, showing that confidence in my team has made us better at solving any type of challenge.

5) What was the most memorable KeyNinja moment?

Being KeyNinja team leader, delivering induction and training to new Ninjas is important to keep our Ninja at high standards of service that the organisation requires, which will be reflected in the rating that guests will give to them. Seeing the first rider break the 100 rating mark with such a high average was pretty thrilling but then realising that even the new Ninjas are starting to catch up made me understand how solid our team has become; this motivated me even further.

6) What inspires you?

My biggest inspiration was to look up to the best people in my field and trying to follow their footsteps. However, as soon as I moved to Australia I realised that life isn’t just being great at something as I used to think. Nowadays, serving people with my time and effort and seeing the results affecting their lives has become the biggest inspiration.

7) How do you stay motivated?

The well-being of people is my biggest motivation. I’ve realised that seeing the growth of the people that surround me and the impact that I’ve had on their lives pushes me.

8) Any advice you would give to the new Ninja recruits?

This isn’t an easy job but the genuine thanks that you receive from the guests make you realise how impactful your work has been to someone you most likely won’t ever meet again.

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