Most Common Airbnb Cleaning Mistakes

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If you own an Airbnb, you should know that your property’s cleanliness is vital in obtaining and retaining guests.

According to available statistics, cleanliness may be the most significant factor when guests decide which property to stay at; 51% of surveyed guests stated that a property’s cleanliness is their deciding factor.

Here are some of the most common Airbnb cleaning mistakes you should avoid so your properties are clean and your guests are satisfied.

Cleaning Your Appliances

Some guests may not use your appliances – if your Airbnb guest is staying on your property for a vacation, they may sample local restaurants instead of cooking their meals.

However, this does not mean that you should neglect your appliances.

When guests do use a kitchen appliance, whether it be a refrigerator or a microwave, stains and built-up gunk can disgust a guest and result in your property gaining a bad review.

Bad reviews equal a poor listing which means either less bookings or you having to charge a lower nightly rate.

Replacing Your Amenities

When it comes to amenities and toiletries, such as hand soap, shampoo, or toilet paper, you will want to make sure you keep your property fully stocked.

If a guest finds a half-empty bottle of dish soap or a partially used roll of toilet paper, they may get the impression that you have not fully cleaned your property.

In this case, you may want to take a leaf from the page of traditional hotels and replace amenities after every guest.

Cleaning Up Any Hair

As humans, people will shed their hair in any location – this is natural. However, this function may indicate an incomplete cleaning job and further filth.

You must ensure that you remove all human hairs from your property once your guests have left. Guests may assume that any leftover hairs are indicative of shoddy cleaning. This is especially the case for shower drains as hair in a bathroom can be enough for a guest to claim a partial refund of their cleaning fee.

Pest Control

In many areas, bugs are an unavoidable part of owning a property. Humid environments and regions with high rates of rainfall may experience plenty of insects trying to take shelter inside a building.

However, as a property owner and Airbnb host, you must minimise your guest’s exposure to insects as much as possible.

Alongside thorough cleaning and having pest control on speed dial, you may want to schedule a pest inspection for your properties at least twice per year.

Outdoor Areas

If your property has a backyard, you may not need more maintenance than regular lawn mowing and fence repairs. However, if you have outdoor amenities such as a pool, you may need to be more diligent in your cleaning efforts.

If your property has a pool, consider hiring a pool care company to maintain it throughout the year. A well-maintained pool can be a significant bonus for any guest!

Garbage And Bins

With so many guests coming in and out of your Airbnb property, trash will pile up quickly; as a host, you must ensure that the property contains no refuse.

Aside from taking the trash out regularly, you must clean out any garbage receptacles to ensure that your guests do not experience any unpleasant odors or stains.

Closing Thoughts

It is easy to see why cleanliness is vital for so many guests. If a guest wanted a subpar experience, they would rent a room at a hotel or a motel; as an Airbnb owner, you must provide them with the level of quality that they have come to expect.

If you’re unable to provide professional cleans for all guests, KeyNinja is here to help! You’ll be able to schedule cleans for your Airbnb and be provided with before and after photos as evidence of a job well done.

Closing Thoughts

If we could only give one piece of advice for winning disputes, it would be the following: “Don’t give your guests a reason to dispute in the first place.”

If you act as a good host and provide everything guests need, answer their questions with a smile and provide great service, you can avoid most disputes in the first place.

Remember that your guests are your income. You must keep them happy to make money and get more guests!

KeyNinja is able to assist with you Airbnb management by sourcing professional cleaners, checking guests and conducting property inspections with timestamped evidence.

Combining all of this, you’re ensuring your property is a 5-star Airbnb while collecting evidence in case there is
a future claim. You can sign up here for free