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Frequently Asked Questions

About KeyNinja

Product Overview

KeyNinja is a secure 24/7 key delivery service to help Airbnb hosts, real estate agents or homeowners grant verified access to their properties.

Do you do last-minute bookings?

Yes! Bookings can be made online up to 2 hours prior to guest arrival. If within 2 hours, please call us at (03) 9108 1071 or use LIVE CHAT directly. This will allow us enough time to make arrangements if needed, and ensure your guests have a seamless check-in. It is important that you also try to communicate this with your guests to keep their expectations managed.

How much does it cost to use KeyNinja?

Standard pricing is $27+GST per booking (including check-in and check-out). Join our Partner Program and use one of our housekeeping partners to pay only $20+GST per booking.

What is KeyNinja’s coverage area?

Our coverage area is 5km radius from Inner Melbourne and Inner Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast!

Getting Started

Make a booking

Register as a user here.

Once you’re in the dashboard, add your property(ies) then proceed to make your first booking! Set up property address and instructions for your guests, you can update them anytime.

How do I pass KeyNinja my keys to start with?

We will arrange for an initial key pick-up at your convenience once you’ve registered as a user.

How do I sync my Airbnb iCal calendar to KeyNinja platform?

Add new User accounts On go to Host and select Calendar

  • Click Availability settings in your calendar view
  • Under Sync calendars, select Export Calendar
  • Copy and paste the Airbnb calendar link
  • Under KeyNinja dashboard, “Create a property” pop-up you will find the field to to input the link

Will KeyNinja sync and refresh with my Airbnb calendar?

Yes it does! Make use of our Airbnb iCal sync found under each property setting. This link auto-updates every 12 hours and there is also an option to force refresh to see latest changes.

How many sets of keys are required?

KeyNinja needs a minimum set of 2 sets to ensure a smooth process.

Additional Charges

What are your late night surcharges?

Night surcharge applies after 9pm and 2 times check-in rate (2x). Late-night surcharge (after midnight until 5am) is
3 times check-in rate (3x)

Checking In & Out

Will I be notified when my guest has checked in?

You will be able to check the status and verification documents in your dashboard, all updated in real-time.

How long in advance do guests have to confirm their arrival time?

An ETA should be provided at least 24 hours prior to check in. If this is not done, we will continue to call the guest until this is provided.

How will KeyNinja interact with my guests?

After your booking, we reach out to your guest via SMS with a weblink for them to book a time to get the key from us.

Upon check-in, we will meet and greet your guests, verify their ID, hand over the keys and provide them additional information (if applicable). After checkout, we will retrieve the keys as instructed.

What happens if my guest is late?

KeyNinja guest communication ensure we are always adapting to your guests’ changing needs. The unique link with tracking details of our riders and their check-in location also enables them to notify us on live chat, if ever they are running late.

Accounts and Billing

How does KeyNinja charge?

Currently, an email needs to be provided so we can send invoices at the end of each month. Please send money via Online Transfer to the bank account details provided. We will be incorporate online payments in the near future.

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