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Get started in 5 easy steps

With a seamless 60-second booking process along with Airbnb iCal integration; KeyNinja is the swiftest, most secured way to grant verified access into your property.

step 1

Create an account

Sign up for free here! Try us, you will love the KeyNinja experience! No credit card required, no strings attached.

step 2

Create your first property

Set up property address and instructions for your guests, you can update them anytime. Hosting on Airbnb? Use our iCal link to import all existing bookings in 1 go!

step 3

Create a booking

Specify a time and date for your key delivery service. Your guest’s contact details are also required so we can get in touch via SMS to ensure a smooth arrival.

step 4

Arrange for a key pick-up

Once logged in, speak to our friendly support team via the live chat icon below, we’ll arrange to pick the keys up in a jiffy.

step 5

Swift and verified Check-ins sorted

Let KeyNinja do the rest from here on. Sit back and relax, because hassle-free hosting starts today.

Hassle-free hosting starts today

Now there’s a way you can save time, and save yourself from worry.

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