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Calling all Ninjas skilled in services such as cleaning,
delivery and greeting guests to join our community.

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Flexible working hours? Check! At KeyNinja, you can enjoy the freedom of choosing your work hours whenever it suits!

Update your roster weekly through the app and get assigned jobs to those timeslots.

You’ll get assigned jobs based on the skills you have selected, it’s that easy.

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The Ninja community

Our growing Ninja community comes from all backgrounds and industries, learn and grow your skills to make more money!

Serving hundreds of properties all over Australia.

One of the most trusted and reliable service provides in the short-term rental industry.

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Why become a Ninja?

Get paid weekly

Your Ninja
earnings will be
directly deposited
into your account
every week.


If you have questions, you can reach us anytime online or in the app. Ask about background checks, how to get paid, and much more.

Track your earnings

Before you accept
any mission, you’ll be
able to see how much
you’ll get paid for
that mission!


Your time is valuable.
When a job gets cancelled
after you've started mission,
you'll be paid the standard
cancellation fee.

Ninja training academy

Equip yourself with
new skills through our
in-app training and quizzes
to help you ace your
mission with ease.

Earn anytime

After your training, team up
with an experience Ninja to
see what a day of work looks
like in KeyNinja! The roster
feature will help you set.

Types of missions

Ensure the property is always guest-ready.
Get 5-star cleans

Our in-app training can
guide you to hone these skills.

Linen is supplied

Forget about doing your own washing,
KeyNinja supplies fresh, laundered linen
for all our properties.

Easy reporting

Use our app to notify support
whenever extra time is needed or
when there are damages spotted!

KeyNInja_Resolution center
Meet guests on their arrival and departure.
Secured check-ins

Verify Guest’s ID with details
on the App. Protecting our client’s
home is our no. 1 priority.

Swift and ready

Always be on time and with
a smile, guests love a seamless
check-in experience!

Make money by doing what you’re good at!
All types of jobs

Deliveries, maintenance and other
guests services all related to the
short-term rental industry.

Challenge yourself!

Fill up the gaps between
your regular jobs with adhoc missions
to earn more money.


Stories from our Ninjas

The Ninja community is currently servicing hundreds of properties all over Australia,
and are known to be one of the most trusted and reliable service providers in the market.

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Frequently asked questions

What does it take to be a Ninja?

Ninjas are fast, dependable, and loyal. Your goal is to make sure that all of the jobs you’ve been allocated get done on schedule. To be a Ninja, you must follow Australian working rights, have an ABN, pass a background check, and have your own public liability insurance. All Ninjas on the KeyNinja platform must meet this condition.

How do ratings work?

Guests that utilize KeyNinja will be able to use the Airbnb App to rate the cleanliness of the property or check-ins. Your KeyNinja profile will display these ratings. The higher your rating, the more work opportunities you’ll have!

Do i need to be registered for GST?

If you have an annual GST turnover of $75,000 or more from providing the Services (or if the combined turnover from providing the Services and other business activities you partake in is $75,000 or more – you will be required to register for GST and provide KeyNinja with proof of GST registration.

Do I need my own vehicle?

If you choose to use the vehicle for your tasks, you will need your own vehicle. Please keep in mind that criteria may based on the type of vehicle you select. To ensure the safety of Ninjas, KeyNinja conducts regular vehicle safety tests, which Ninjas must pass in order to begin driving for the company.

How do cancellations work?

You can’t back out of a task after you’ve agreed to it. Please provide a compelling reason to our support team if you desire to cancel missions. The KeyNinja App tracks your acceptance and decline rates as part of your performance tracking. You may be deactivated from the platform if you decline too many missions.

Which areas is KeyNinja servicing in?

Our coverage area is 5km radius from Inner Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Inner Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast and Perth!

Start earning as a Ninja and gain access to jobs!

Calling all Ninjas skilled in services such as cleaning, delivery and greeting guests to join our Ninja team.

Start earning as a Ninja and gain access to jobs!

Calling all Ninjas skilled in services such as cleaning, delivery and greeting guests to join our Ninja team.
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