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8 Signs of fraud behaviour

Shady characters often have a few traits that are hard to miss. We tell of some signs so you can weed out fraud bookings before they get to your property.

Last minute bookings

Properties that accept last minute bookings are more susceptible to fraud, most of them would require check-in at unorthodox hours and often leaves the owner little to no time to perform the usual verification checks.

Self check-in properties

Fraudsters tend to target properties with an automated self-access entry such as smart locks. This enables them to slip past right under the owner’s nose.

Multiple failed transactions

Monitor your online booking transactions; a tell-tale sign of a suspicious booking is when the person has entered a credit card payment more than a couple of times, each time with slightly changing details!

Refusing to provide ID proof

There are some ways you can cull out shady bookings via pre-arrival communications. Collect as much information as you can to verify that a guest is who they claim to be and they are using an authorised payment method. You can request for a photo of their ID and Credit card and cross-reference it with the online booking. If they refuse to comply, that’s a definite red flag.

Brand new unverified user account

A fresh user account has to be created each time for fraudsters to make bookings on a property. Be on alert when accepting bookings with no verification, zero reviews and in some cases, no profile picture.

Lack of response, erroneous details on who, where and what

We’ve found in many cases, bookings made under the guise of someone often has contradictory and slippery responses. They also hate picking up phone calls and would often stick to texting.

Fake looking names or email

This is a tricky one as we’ve seen our fair share of quirky names, but if “Tom McLovin” looks a little suss, you’re probably right. A good tip is to subscribe to forums and community groups where fellow hosts can blacklist names and accounts of fraudsters; or in general, troublemakers.

The all-time popular “my friend will be there on my behalf”

While nothing wrong with that, it is still something that needs to be on your radar. Especially if you are handing over the keys to someone entirely different from the booking.

While most guests are well-intentioned, don’t create a window of opportunity for fraudsters that may be out for a free stay or use your property to illicit unlawful activities.

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